Canada Permanent Residency

A Canadian permanent resident (PR) is not a Canadian citizen, but someone who has been granted permanent resident status to live, work and settle in Canada as long as they meet certain requirements.

As a permanent resident of Canada, an individual gets the right to avail a significant number of benefits:

  • Health Care and social services.

  • A Canadian permanent resident can eventually apply for citizenship after conditions are met.

  • The right to live, study or work anywhere in Canada.

  • Protection under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

In order to retain permanent resident status in Canada, certain requirements need to be fulfilled. An individual must be physically present inside of Canada for at least two years (730 days) within a five-year period.

A Canadian permanent resident is issued a permanent resident card (PR card). This card indicates the PR status of an individual in Canada. It is the individual’s responsibility to keep track of the PR card’s expiration date and to apply for a new PR card when the current card expires.

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