Humanitarian And Compassionate Grounds

People who have been living in Canada and have built a life as a Canadian, But their refugee claim may have been refused and left with no other viable immigration option. They may be able to qualify under Humanitarian and Compassionate grounds to obtain Canadian permanent residence status.

The Humanitarian and Compassionate PR application is a way available for people who have made Canada their home but lack legal status in the country. These people are not qualified to apply for permanent residency via other means.

People without legal status will be eligible for Humanitarian and Compassionate applications if they able to show that they meet some of the following standards:

Established or settled in Canada
Family relation to permanent residents or Canadian citizens
Employment in Canada (without a valid Canadian work permit)
Education completion in Canada
Volunteer work in Canada
Proficiency in English or French
Savings and property in Canada
Social ties to Canada in their community

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