Business Visa


A business visa is a temporary visa required by individuals to visit foreign countries to conduct work.

Business visa application requirements vary as per the country. The documents and forms required for a business visa should be filled with great care to avoid any mistakes. Indian Guardian makes sure that they provide clients with the right information to apply for a business visa.


1. USA Business Visa

2. UK Business Visa

3. Canada Business Visa

4. Singapore Business Visa

5. UAE Business Visa

6. Australia Business Visa

7. Malaysia Business Visa

8. New Zealand Business Visa

9. Germany Business Visa

10. Switzerland Business Visa

11. Hong Kong Business Visa

12. Ireland Business Visa

13. Denmark Business Visa

Indian Guardian team of experts is well trained to carry out the entire process with great efficiency. We will address all your queries and guide you in the best possible way. We make sure that you apply for your Visa with everything that will only lead to successful results.

We assist in:

1. Reviewing and validating visa application category

2. Sharing Visa Checklist

3. Sharing Biometrics Requirement check

4. Validating Documents ensuring quality check

5. Assisting in Mock Interview (if required)

6. Submitting relevant documents

Basic Documents required:

  • A valid passport
  • Travel itinerary including accommodation and flight details
  • Business and professional credentials
  • Academic credentials
  • Evidence supporting that you plan to return to your base country after conducting your business
  • Evidence of adequate financial resources*
  • Medical examination and evidence of adequate insurance*

Please note the documents change as per the country of visit, our team will get in touch with you in case additional documents are required.

Note: *There may be delay due to legal, procedural or other external factors, which are beyond our control. Our company should not be held responsible for any such delays.