Financial Reason

Providing end to end assistance to support financial admissibility


Individuals can be denied admission in a foreign country if they are unable to support themselves or any other person dependent on them and there are concerns that they will rely on social assistance. Financial inadmissibility is usually determined upon review of documents that support the individual’s current financial situation, including:

* Bank statements
* Current and past employment records
* Letter of employment
* Salary Slips
* Letters of statutory declaration from friends or relatives attesting to the current financial situation
* Notices of Assessment

An individual will have to pass several requirements to be considered admissible to a foreign country. To overcome financial inadmissibility, the individual may have to appear for an interview with the concerned authority, provide evidence in the form of documentation in support of financial admissibility and their ability to support themselves. Emphasizing on skills like language proficiency, age factor, work experience, and education may ensure that the individual will find employment in a foreign country.

Indian Guardian helps you to prepare and collate credible proof and supporting documentation. We counsel and guide you throughout the process to work on the criteria required to support financial admissibility.

Note: *There may be delay due to legal, procedural or other external factors, which are beyond our control. Our company should not be held responsible for any such delays.