Inadmissible Family Member

For smooth processing of your immigration in case of inadmissible condition


Having an inadmissible family member can make the entire family inadmissible. A family member can be declared inadmissible on grounds of:

1. Criminality
2. Health
3. Financial situation
4. Misrepresentation
5. Non-compliance to procedures etc.

Procedures for addressing each of the above varies as per the category as well as the country. It is essential that you take professional help to understand your case and the options available.

Indian Guardian provides you with customized solutions for each of them. We can help in smoothly processing your immigration application if you or your family member have any of the above inadmissible condition.

Note: *There may be delay due to legal, procedural or other external factors, which are beyond our control. Our company should not be held responsible for any such delays.