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Cyprus is the third largest and third most populous island in the Mediterranean. Apart from being famous as an impeccable tourism destination, Cyprus is also emerging as the provider of a high-quality education system. With affordable tuition fees and plenty of facilities and benefits, the quality of education and degree offered by Cyprus matches the standards of international universities worldwide.

Why Study in Cyprus

Affordable education: Most institutions in Cyprus are based on the American system of education, which gives students the opportunity to choose the courses. This promotes the quality of student life and affordable tuition fee, as the fewer subjects you study, the less you pay. Talented students are also eligible for a scholarship or reduction of fees.

Criteria of evaluation: The evaluation criteria for exams follow a system of testing, research essays, and group projects. Students usually take two exams in each course, one in the middle and another at the end of the term.

Work while Study: In order to earn living expenses, Cyprus offers work opportunities to international students Students get a lot of work opportunities in the hospitality and hotel, finance and IT sectors during their study.

Liberal Admission criteria for students: To apply to study in Cyprus, candidates must have a certificate of complete secondary education as well as a good level of English certified by a recognised institution. Cyprus institutions also offer a wide range of language courses to help students who could not get the required number of credits in English.

International business centre: Cyprus hosts leading International countries promoting employment opportunities in the EU and global marketplace. With its modern and advanced infrastructure, Cyprus also offers a lot of internship and placement opportunities for international students studying in Cyprus.

Multicultural environment: Students from different nationality, religion, cultural background come to study in Cyprus. This provides a culture to connect, interact with new people and learn new things every day. Such a diverse culture promotes excitement in learning and living for a student in Cyprus.

Top Universities and Colleges in Cyprus