Study in Singapore

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The island nation of Singapore is counted among the top educational destinations in the world. Singapore offers world-class infrastructure and facilities. It has become an education hub among major nations around the world.

Why Study in Singapore

High standard of education: The education system in Singapore is built on concepts and emphasizes on applied learning. In the past few years, students from around the world particularly India have been opting to pursue their higher education in Singapore because of the high standard of education.

Diverse student population: Singapore has a diverse student population, and it is a very lively and cosmopolitan country for an international student to pursue full-time education.

Promising opportunities: For international students, Singapore offers opportunities to build a career in the fields of ICT, Finance, and Hospitality. Most multinational corporate giants of the world have their offices in Singapore as well. A degree from Singapore is internationally recognized and regarded by employers and educational institutions around the world.

Hub of Foreign universities: Being a top education hub many reputed foreign universities have set up their campuses here.

Tuition Grant Scheme (TGS): One of the most fascinating things that attract international students to Singapore is the TGS scheme. This scheme was introduced by the Singapore government for all international (non-Singaporean) students to make the cost of study affordable. As per the scheme, if an international student pursuing any full-time course in Singapore commits to work in Singapore for at least 3 years after finishing the study, the government would subsidize their course fee. An Agreement is signed between the government and the student for the same.

Top Universities and Colleges in Singapore