Work Visa


A work visa is required for individuals who wish to work or engage in business activity in the host country. Procedures and criteria for issuing work visas vary as per country. Also, work visas are issued either on a temporary or permanent basis. A temporary work must be renewed once its validity period expires subject to the employer’s willingness to extend the employee’s stay.

Indian Guardians experts help you with the whole process, fill out visa forms as well as track and keep you updated on your application status.

Documents required:

* Copy of academic qualifications
* Copy of professional qualifications
* Work experience certificates from the previous employers
* Reference letter from the employer

In case any other document is required, our team will inform your prior about the same.

Note: *There may be delay due to legal, procedural or other external factors, which are beyond our control. Our company should not be held responsible for any such delays.